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Dreadlocked Datisca

One of the grooviest plants I’ve seen is this massive Datisca cannabina growing here in the Soest Garden at the Center of Urban Horticulture.  Growing from 0 to 8ft in a single season, this exciting plant makes a huge impression in mid-summer and provides a stunning color accent in the fall.  Make sure you have enough room for it to explode.

Datisca at Soest
Datisca at Soest

Its flowers bring to mind dreadlocked hair and groovy, swirling dance music.  Plant with tall, boldly-colored perennials to get that psychedelic effect. And while the leaves are similar to the now-medically-legal-in-WA cannabis, eating these will have rather unpleasant purgative and laxative effects.

Psychadelic colors
Psychadelic colors

So plant this where you can walk underneath, or sit and watch it dance in the wind.

Datisca details
Movement and Contrast

And enjoy the color change in the fall.

Wheat colored florescence