From the Potting Shed

Best Vegetable Choices for the Small Garden

I’ve been following a local food-garden-life blog, Northwest Edible, for a number of years because it’s just so darn readable.  Erica’s posts are well researched, thoughtfully put together, and extremely funny.  Something I aspire to achieve.  When I was asked to contribute a guest post, I was honored to be a part of her world, bringing a different thread to her tapestry.

I’m a gardener.  Yet, I am just terrible at growing vegetables.  But somehow, a few things survive and give me insight on how to do it better next time.  I started with vegetables (as many of us do), and decided that others should grow them for me.  So I scaled back to keep a few things that I love.

Read more about my recommended Best Vegetable Choices for the Small Garden, then come back here to learn more about growing annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees.  More importantly, learn about how to look at things with a critical eye.  Why did the dahlias planted in the shade barely produce a bloom, while the ones in the full-sun, well-watered vegetable garden do so well?  And find out that renown plantsman Christopher Lloyd named his cherished dogs, Dahlia and Poppy.