I’m a crappy gardener

Really.  You’ll see several posts on this theme.

Which is why I like Pam Pennick’s Foliage Followup, because sometimes, just sometimes, I do something right and plant green leaves next to other green leaves.

And, as if I meant to do it, they both are tinged with chartreuse.

crinkly leaved Alchemilla against smooth hosta leaves
Hosta ‘June’ with Alchemilla mollis




4 Replies to “I’m a crappy gardener”

  1. Well, there you have it!! You’ve just uncovered one of your hidden talents (charming plant combination, BTW)!! Now, you’ll have to look around for something else you’re “crappy” at!!!!

  2. They look great together and I’m always a fan of chartreuse in the garden. Plants have a way of showing us up just when we are about to throw in the trowel.

  3. Thanks everyone! I love the peacefulness of clear greens. This combination is in a small shaded patch edging the patio, that is filled with Meianthemum (formerly Smilacena), Polygonatum, and Phlox, in mostly warm whites and greens.

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