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In the one un-soggy weekend we had last month, I went outside to start pruning out the dead wood on the Ribes ‘White Icicle’ unhappily growing in the western hedge.  I sharpened my pruners, isolated the offending stem, and on the very first clip I knew it was time to replace my blade.

Dirty Pruners | #eTilth

Pretty crusty, eh?

The first step was remove the crinoid-like spring between the handles. Then, I lubricated the screws liberally with 3-in-1 oil and removed the middle screw with a lot of cuss-words. The central cog was only finger-tight so it was easy to remove with the plate underneath it.

Step 4 - Felco Pruner Repair | #eTilth

The bolt on the very right-hand side was removed (again, more inventive cuss-words), and the lower jaw of the pruner came right off.  The thumb catch was easily removed and set aside.

Step 8 - Felco Pruner Repair | #eTilth


Here you can see the exploded view:

Exploded View - Felco Pruner Repair | #eTilth

The steps so far:
1. Remove the spring (A)
2. Remove the bolt (B) and the cog (C) from the middle hole (1)
3. Unscrew cog (F) from bolt (G) in the left hole (2)
4. Remove the cog (F) and the plate (E)
5. Unscrew the bolt (D) from hole (3)
6. Remove lower jaw (H) from the bolt (G)
7. Blade (I) can now be removed and discarded.
8. Optional: Unscrew bolt (J) from hole (4) and remove thumb-latch (K) and washer (L). Note that washer (L) is convex towards you.

Step 9 - Felco Pruner Repair | #eTilth


9. Give everything a very good scrubbing with steel-wool.
10. Place the new blade (I) and dab some Suber-Lube silicone grease onto the central bolt.
11. Replace the lower jaw, cogs, and screws.
12. Replace the washer (L), with the raised side up, and attach thumb-latch.

Step 11 - Felco Pruner Repair | #eTilth



Swipe a grilling skewer from your kitchen and test it out!Fixed Felco Pruners | #eTilth

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