Custom Container Design

Container Design for Every Need

A container garden is an investment in your home or business.  Custom containers can reflect your personal style and create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.    A well designed entrance creates the perfect mood.

  • Curb Appeal for real-state staging and holiday parties
  • Dramatic entrances for personal homes and condos
  • Professional appearance to welcome clients
  • Inviting ambiance for condo/apartment shared spaces and personal balconies
  • House-warming gifts or Real-estate closing gifts
  • Mood-lifters and mini-escapes for office-bound employees

With our busy lives, it makes sense to install and maintain a container garden than to invest in a whole garden makeover.  By choosing the right plants for the right environmental situation, you extend the seasonal impact and save money.  Container gardens add the right touch of sophistication and professionalism to any business from welcoming restaurants to any office space or condo.

Simple golden and cream foliage plants in a yellow container for real-estate staging.
This stylish container helped sell a million-dollar home in winter! The sarcococca (sweet-box) filled the entrance with a sweetly-lemony scent, and the golden colors brightened a simple modern exterior.


  • Design and Coaching (charged hourly)
  • Design and Installation (flat fee), care instructions included
  • Seasonal Maintenance Plan (Spring/Fall/Year-Round)
    • Annuals need to be pinched weekly, and replaced every three months
    • Perennials should be tidied/dead-headed every two weeks and can last for several seasons
    • Long lasting foliage plants and shrubs are reused or can go into your garden!

With connections throughout the Pacific Northwest, I’m your go-to gal to source interesting plants and stylish containers.

Spring bulbs and flowers in a custom container covered with snow on the front porch
This cute little hostess gift featured spring blooming Iris and holds up to our weather!


Pricing includes container selection, design, shopping, soil, plants, and installation.    All of these are highly variable based on your needs, but I can help you choose the best pots and plants to suit YOUR STYLE.

You may be marking a dramatic entrance, making a sweet collection of pots on your front door, bringing a lovely hand-held gift for your friend, or even displaying simple table-arrangements.

We are especially privileged in the Pacific Northwest and have an enormous number of great plant choices.  But, knowing which ones do well in containers and are long lasting or can be reused in the garden isn’t always straightforward.  Let me help you narrow the many options and make something stunning, just for you.

Adorable succulent plants in table-top sized sea-urchin containers for restaurants or gifts
These cute little succulents make great thank-yous or are perfect living table-top arrangements for restaurants and businesses!

Things to consider

What mood do you want to set?  Container selection and colors of foliage and flowers will provide a great impact.  Consider Tropical, Mediterranean, Mod, Northwest, Native, and even English Cottage to match the style of your home or business.

What colors do you like?  Strong and bold reds, oranges, purples, and pinks, or cool and calming yellows, greens, lavender and peach? Choosing a favorite color to be dominant will affect the design.

What amount of maintenance do you want to do?  This drives the design and plant choices like shrubs, grasses, long-lasting perennials, and ‘jewelry’ of annuals. You may choose to install drip-irrigation system or set up a maintenance plan.

When do you need them?  Setting the stage for a real estate curb appeal is a quick and easy process, but plant selection and approach may be very different in the fall/winter than in the spring!

Do you have pets or children?  Or want to deter deer (or that one neighbor)?  We can avoid poisonous plants or add thorny ones!

Where do you want them? Shady parts of the garden can be brightened with creamy plant choices in bold pots.  Wind and sunny sites need to use tough plants.

A stunning courtyard container glowing in winter light is perfect for this entrance.
This dramatic entrance container makes a huge impact for a winter garden

Ready to start?

Or have no idea and want to wave your hands around and see what magic we can create together?

Let’s talk! (for those days when even the I’m-still-in-pajamas look can be seen through the telephone), and

206-388-6955 (because sometimes in person is best)