Chrysanthemum ‘Bronze Elegance’

Chrysanthemum ‘Bronze Elegance’ is a tall (2.5′) semi-pom hardy chrysanthemum for the middle of your border.  It originated in Japan, and was introduced to England as cuttings carefully stored in a matchbox (1).  I find it a bit leggy and thin at the bottom, and perhaps should be planted with another late-fall bloomer, or in the border instead of a pot, as I have done.


Thought to be a sport of the pink Chrysanthemum koreana ‘Mei-Kyo’, the orange ‘Bronze Elegance’ occasionally reverts back to pink.  Other sports observed include ‘Purleigh White’ and a buttercup-yellow ‘Nantyderry Sunshine’.  Look for small flowers around a yellow center.  Here it is blooming in my mother’s garden in 2012.


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