Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – May 2014

It’s been a heckuva month, filled with far more busy tasks than fun ones.  Then my computer went poof, and it’s taken nearly a month to restore everything from backups, to reinstall applications, and to import, rename, and tag the images I took while the system was down.

I’m still not quite up to speed, but I did have a chance to go visit The Dunn Gardens with some dear gardening-buddies.  We chanced upon this tender Thalictrum occidentale deep in the Upper Ravine Glade.  Its dancing tawny stamens dangling from creamy sepals reminded me of Chinese tasseled lanterns, joyfully celebrating spring.  I’m looking forward to completing all of my indoor tasks, so I can start renovating my garden!

Thalictrum occidentale
Thalictrum occidentale

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