Homage to Christo – Bloom Day, June 2014

I can’t decide whether this goes into the Hall of Shame or if my neighbor is inadvertently channeling Christopher Lloyd, of Great Dixter. I pass this garden twice daily and think it is a garish, ill-designed mish-mash of color and concrete.  What a funny border of pots on a gravel walk just inside the wall.

flowers in pots all lined up inside a wall
Does this pot placement make sense to you?


Color Combinations

A charming eccentric gentleman, Mr. Lloyd was known for his passion for color and enthusiasm for gardening; he was not one to settle for a completed border and bravely ripped out established gardens to redesign and play with new combinations.  He wrote, in The Guardian,

I am associated with bright, harsh colours because I do not mind using them when the situation suggests they are needed.

But I don’t think this exposed, but shady corner of the garden warrants such excitement.  It surely makes the church-ladies swoon as they pass by.  ‘What will the neighbors think?’

Cat on wall in front of orange and yellow lilies and magenta peonies
Garden, with cat

To give her credit, everything is growing well and is lush and healthy. And, to compare, are the colors in this arrangement of pots by Mr. Lloyd really any different?


Finally, I leave you with this combination of lily and peony,

Dark yellow lily with orange speckles and deep magenta peony in the background

which reminds me of Mr. Lloyd and his sweaters.

Christopher Lloyd in red sweater vest with purple shirt
Christopher Lloyd


Then I turn around and cringe at my overgrown lawn with sickly 1950’s era foundation rhododendrons, in boring shades of pink and pink.

Who should talk, now?


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2 Replies to “Homage to Christo – Bloom Day, June 2014”

  1. Actually, the pot placement DOES make sense to me as it would seem that, along with the stone, they were put there to keep foot traffic out. It’s quite possible the pot placement is “temporary,” until such time as the homeowners figure out a permanent solution. Now, as to the riot of color and mix of plants, I ask you–which would you prefer: your neighbors’ landscaping, or a couple of rusted out car bodies among a few dozen empty beer bottles strewn about in an ocean of weeds and trash? See–their “mish-mash” ain’t so bad after all.

  2. I haven’t figured out why there is a ‘path’ on both sides of the wall – the public sidewalk to the left and the pots on the right. The design mystifies me.

    I MUCH prefer her plants to our weeds. At least she has something to cut for a vase. We’re the ones giving the bad name to the neighborhood! At least, now that the inside is nearly done, I can start working on the outside.

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