Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July 2014

Hi there, remember me?

Yeah, me neither.

Raised brick planter in the shadeI’ve been busy.  In a short span of two weeks I interviewed and got offered a job, and then spent the last two weeks of July commuting to a new job.  Had to find child care and find carpooling for previously paid-for summer camps at the last minute.

And then my camera broke.

So it’s been a while since I’ve been out taking pictures, playing in the garden, or doing anything resembling my previous routine.  But I’ve a few minutes to back-date some posts highlighting my garden, for once.

Usually, it’s a wreck.  I finally got enough courage to remove a lovely, but dying Daphne, and amend this sad, dry-shade bed with chicken-coop litter and add some drip irrigation.  And then I went shopping.  I’ve tried to choose things that, once established, will handle the excessive dry and the total western shade, but I’m afraid that these will all need some supplemental water.

  • Hosta sp.
  • Hakonechloa aureomarginata
  • Campanula
  • Heuchera ‘Obsidian’
  • Epimedium perralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’
  • Brunnera ‘Sea Heart’
  • Corydalis ochroleuca
  • Galium oderatum
  • Polygonatum geminiflorum
  • Asarum maximum ‘Ling Ling’
  • Epimedium sp. possibly sulphureum
  • Corydalis lutea
  • Acanthus mollis
  • Polygonatum curvistylum
  • Helleborus sp.
  • Epimedium ogisul
  • Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance’

So, for today, I give you Asarum ‘Ling Ling’ a funny little ginger pollinated by ground beetles.  See where the flower is?

Black and white flower at ground level under broad glossy green leaf
Asarum ‘Ling Ling’


Foliage Follow-up

Oh, and I’m just not going to get to another post, so here’s the July Foliage Photo showing all of my dry-shade treasures.

mixed leaves


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